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Triad Theatre, Off Broadway

Direction by Adam Karsten | Choreography by Karen Sieber | Music Direction and Arrangements by Christine Riley and Doug Oberhamer

Close your eyes, think of it, imagine the sound
of a clock so silent, no sound could be found.
No bleeping, no blurping, no ringing of bells,
no senseless loud noises, no scary loud yells,
not one single sound that could disrupt your sleep,
not even a pin drop, not one little beep.


Off Broadway Children's Musical delights

"..With melodies based on Swiss children’s songs, comical scenarios, and delightful rhyming characters this show has been called, “Terrifically created for kids of all ages,” by Broadway Musical Director, Lynn Crigler; and “Smart, charming and absolutely adorable,” by Off-Broadway producer, Jared Hershkowitz."

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